Monday, November 26, 2012

SLCC, Utah SBDC Help Utah Company Launch News Source Mobile App

Scott Ellenson, co-founder of Stronger SE, LLC will be launching the company’s first mobile app called “Reach” in May 2012.   Reach is the first in a suite of apps designed for mobile professionals.

Reach solves an issue for business professionals that need to stay current on subjects that they care most about. With current technologies, professionals can spend a great deal of time on the internet searching social networks, blogs, company websites, and web-based search engines to stay informed. Reach streamlines a users search through a high-powered news curator that delivers information directly to an iPad.

“Our Reach iPad App delivers news articles and blogs based on our customers unique keywords. From the iPad, users can enter topics, companies, and people that they care most about,” said Ellenson. “Our Reach Curator App then filters out the noise of the Internet delivering news and blogs based those specific keywords.”

While Reach is designed for business professionals, the app can be an informative tool for just about anyone.  “Our Reach cloud based Curator App provides access to over a 1,000,000 news articles and blogs from 75,000 sources,” said Ellenson. The information  collected in the curator includes 55 data categories—everything from technology, finance, health, and entertainment to global issues, politics, the environment and Fortune 500 companies. Reach offers nearly every kind of news, even the most self-indulgent: including frequent updates on 'Beast', Mark Zuckerberg’s dog.

Stronger SE’s Reach App stands out from other newsreaders because it is the first tablet-based app that delivers news and blogs based on a customer’s unique keywords.

Reach marks Ellenson’s first major milestone as an entrepreneur and first-time business owner.  Ellenson’s extensive background in business, technology and software development has poised the company to be a highly successful venture.  “Reach is going to change how people do business by making information more available than they have ever had before” said Andrew Willis, Director of the Small Business Development Center in Kaysville, Utah.

Prior to building Reach and launching Stronger SE, Ellenson contacted the Small Business Development Center  (SBDC) in Kaysville in May 2011 to transform his innovative idea into a reality. Counselors at the SBDC, Andrew Willis and Brent Meikle provided Ellenson with a broad scope of business advice and support including marketing strategies, legal structures, market research and helped Ellenson build a financial pro forma. “We have learned under the guidance of the SBDC how to focus on: lean startup principles, minimum viable product and social media marketing tips that have become the foundation of our company,” said Ellenson. While working with the SBDC, Willis and Meikle also helped Ellenson pitch Stronger SE to investors—an opportunity that provided him with invaluable feedback for the company.

In addition to the Reach App, the Stronger SE team plans to release additional apps to form a suite of business solutions for mobile professionals, including task & opportunity management apps that will begin development this year. Ellenson’s goal for the future is to expand Stronger SE apps to Android and Windows mobile devices.

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