Monday, March 18, 2013

David Lang Appointed as New SLCC Trustee

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has appointed David Lang as Salt Lake Community College’s newest trustee. Mr. Lang is head of Goldman Sachs’ Salt Lake City office and head of Operations for Salt Lake City. He currently serves on the company’s Operations Operating Committee and the Acquisition Review Committee.

"We are delighted that Mr. Lang has accepted the appointment to serve on the College Board of Trustees,” said Salt Lake Community College President Cynthia A. Bioteau.  “His insight, experience, and intelligence have already proven beneficial to the College, and we look forward to the many contributions he will bring in this new role. He is a wonderful addition to a board of Trustees of the highest quality that will continue to propel our college forward.”

Mr. Lang joins Chair Jesselie B. Anderson, Vice Chair Gail Miller, Clint W. Ensign, Larry D. Hancock, Ashok Joshi, Stanley B. Parrish, Annie V. Schwemmer, and Richard Tranter on the SLCC Board of Trustees.

Prior to taking his current position at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Lang was co-head of Global Goldman Sachs Asset Management Operations. He joined the company as an associate in 1994 and became vice president in 1998. Mr Lang was named managing director in 2006.

Mr. Lang serves on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Utah, the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce, the Westminster College President’s Advisory Board and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah.

He earned an MBA from Syracuse University in 1994.

"With the appointment of David Lang to an already strong board, the College has the benefit of some of the finest leadership in the country," said President Bioteau. " We continue to thrive as one of the premiere community colleges in the nation.”