Friday, June 7, 2013


Salt Lake Community College is the host institution for the 2013 American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) LEADERS Institute. The conference will be held in West Valley City, Utah from June 1-5.   

The LEADERS Institute is a content-intensive, experiential workshop, based on a recently revised curriculum reflecting the American Association of Community Colleges (ACCC) Core Competencies for Leadership.  LEADERS Institute promotes the development of leadership skills and qualities at every level in community college administration and education. Each year a class of 20-35 professional women from across the country come together to gain insights to community college leadership through presentations from experts that range from leadership, power and communication to strategic thinking/data driven decisions to managing organizational culture. Over the past 28 years, more than 6,000 women have participated in the LEADERS Institute program. 
"LEADERS offers an intensive curriculum to help women gain leadership roles in community colleges," said Alison McFarlane, Vice President of Institutional Advancement for Salt Lake Community College and National Board Vice President for Communications for the American Association for Women in Community Colleges. " My own experience with the LEADERS Institute added knowledge and skills that I use every day to strengthen and support Salt Lake Community College. In addition to the LEADERS Institute curriculum, networking with other community college leaders from throughout the country is a distinct advantage of the program." 
At this year's LEADERS Institute, SLCC President Cynthia A. Bioteau will join SLCC Trustee Karen Gail Miller and former Weber State University President Ann Millner from noon – 1:30 p.m. on Thursday for a panel discussion that will feature strategies and principles of working with a community college board.
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About the AAWCC: Founded in 1973, the American Association for Women in Community Colleges is the premier program developing women leaders in community colleges. The AAWCC maintains a strong commitment to equity and excellence in education and employment for women in community, junior and technical colleges. That commitment is translated into action at the national, regional, state and local levels.