Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bridge to a career in the Medical Device Industry Explore SLCC’s Medical Device Training Program!

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Students may qualify for tuition assistance of up to 50% through state STIT funding!

Utah’s medical device industry encompasses a diverse set of companies; with over 100 established companies, and more on the way. Upon completion of the 4 courses (96 hours total), students will be well positioned for a variety of entry-level jobs inmedical device industry both locally and nationally.

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For More Information: http://www.slcccontinuinged.com/MDT 
Contact: Kasey Schuster Call: 801-957-6336 or email: kasey.schuster@slcc.edu   

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Core Knowledge and Skills in Medical Device Certificate (96 Hrs) Students who successfully complete these short-term, 4 core courses (96 Hrs) will be awarded the Core Knowledge and Skills Certificate. This will position them well for a variety of entry-level positions in the medical device industry both locally and nationally and serve as a stepping stone to further their development in sub-specialty areas. This training is appropriate for GED candidates, high school graduates, someone willing to switch to a high-tech, higher wage and more desirable career as well as industry professionals seeking to enhance their current knowledge and skills for career advancement. 

CEMD 1210 Intro Medical Device Industry (24 Hrs)* This course provides an overview of the medical device industry, particularly in Utah. It will address topics including diversity of products, size and scope of the industry, current trends, and the product life cycle—from conception to market approval and distribution. 

CEMD 1220 Fund Measurement/Data Analysis (24 Hrs)* This course focuses on fundamental principles of measurement, performing measurements, data management and analysis related to medical device manufacturing. Mastery of these skills is a key to successful careers in the medical device and bioscience industry. 

CEMD 1230 Intro to FDA Regulations (24 Hrs)* This course introduces students to the regulations governing the life science industry with emphasis on those that impact medical device development and manufacturing. A thorough understanding of FDA regulations and an overview of equivalent international regulations will be covered. 

CEMD 1240 Intro to Quality Systems (24 Hrs)* This course introduces the concept of a quality system, system structure, and its relevance to the medical device and life science industry. Students will understand proper set-up and operation of a quality system, including the FDA-required Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).