Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SLCC to offer direct selling entrepreneur program

Salt Lake Community College and Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) are partnering to offer a new entrepreneurship course that explores the direct selling industry, an industry that accounts for nearly 17 million independent contractors and $32 billion in annual sales.
“The Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program meets a long-standing educational need by focusing on a form of entrepreneurship practiced by nearly 17 million business people throughout the country,” said Gary Huggins, Executive Director of DSEF.  “We are proud to partner with SLCC and key direct selling industry leaders to advance this important curriculum to drive opportunity for individuals as well as economic vitality for the community.”
Developed in partnership between DSEF and National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), the Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program curriculum is divided into ten modules and introduces the fundamental components of small business management including: marketing, finance, legal issues, planning, and ethics. In addition, course participants gain a deep understanding of the wide variety of direct selling business strategies, including individual sales efforts, network marketing scenarios, online sales and sales force recruitment and training.
“SLCC views direct selling as a proven pathway to entrepreneurship, which is why we are delighted to offer the Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program,” said Kay Carter, Manager of Encore Institute, which sponsors the program. “The college appreciates DSEF as well as direct selling industry leaders 4Life, Nu Skin and USANA, for their generous support to make this course possible.”
The 30-hour, non-credit course combines what is unique about the direct selling industry with traditional small business and entrepreneurship education, providing students with the skills they need to succeed in this low-cost, low-risk, low-barrier-to-entry form of entrepreneurship.  The course is offered through SLCC’s Continuing Education Department Sept. 18 through Nov. 20, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.