Thursday, June 15, 2017

Curiosity Abounds During Summer Camps at College

Salt Lake Community College is host to several camps during the summer that are open to elementary and high school age children. Two of them include the "rebooted" Slick Science Camp, organized by the School of Science, Math and Engineering, and the Bytes of Brilliance Summer Camp for girls, put on by the Computer Science and Information Systems department at SLCC.

Below are a few highlights from both camps.

Slick Science Camp

Students get ready to test their GPS controlled cars (this one with a GoPro on top).

SLCC geosciences coordinator Adam Dastrup and students take a break from learning about GPS technology.

Assistant engineering professor Quentin McRae helps students figure out coding.

Bytes of Brilliance

Students collaborate on a project with help from SLCC faculty.

Participants in the Bytes of Brilliance Camp

A student works on a design concept on the final day of Bytes of Brilliance.