Monday, May 21, 2018

Meet Our Faculty: Dean Huber

Dean Huber

Associate Professor
School of Applied Technology and Technical Specialties
English as a Second Language

What he teaches:
ESL 1010, Advanced II, Listening and Speaking; ESL 1020, Advanced II, Reading and Writing

Number of years teaching at SLCC:

Undergraduate degree:
University of Utah ‘77

University of Utah ‘81

Why working at SLCC matters: 
I have the best students in the world! It is the community. That was the reason I came here originally. SLCC was the only community college. I’ve just seen it grow all these years. There’s really support for refugees and non-native speakers. That’s what it is – it’s inclusiveness. I love it.

Greatest professional challenge:
Finding ways to better prepare my students for college success. In my classes we do a lot of listening and note taking. I’m really trying to prepare students for college study and to lay out those protocols for them. I’m also trying to inform the college community here as well about who are these students: why they are here; what benefits they bring to the College. It’s important because it’s a little bit of the mirror of the world. It reflects where we’re going in terms of globalization. We are going to have to have these connections to other parts of the world if we’re ultimately going to be successful.

Greatest professional accomplishment: 
Teaching Excellence Awards, College Service and TESOL Presentation
But really my greatest accomplishment is my career here. I came here kind of a newbie, and I’ve grown so enormously here. I’ve really become a real person. I’ve grown as a teacher. I’ve really learned what’s important in teaching. I’ve attempted to serve the college.

Advice for students or others: 
Make learning fun. I think we learn better if there’s an emotional connection. We could learn a lot from pain, but I think we’re reluctant to experience pain – fun is more enjoyable. I learned very early that I learned best when it was fun.

Future plans:
Leave the ESL program in better condition than when I first started at SLCC
I’m retiring in two more years. I came into the program very early, when program was young – it was pretty basic.

My significant other, Margie Lundberg, have been together for 21 years.

Gardening, biking, cross-country skiing and hiking