Friday, November 1, 2019

Meet Our Faculty: Todd Baird

Todd M. Baird

Program Coordinator
Technical Specialties/Aviation and related technologies
Aviation Maintenance

What he teaches:
Aviation generals, Aircraft systems, Reciprocating engine technology and Turbine engine technology

Number of years teaching at SLCC:

Undergraduate degree:
Salt Lake Community College

Why working at SLCC matters:
I enjoy the knowledge transfer to students who are looking to enter into the aviation trade arena. SLCC touches more people looking for skillsets to enter the workforce, and the college needs competent professors to set students on the correct pathway.

Greatest professional challenge:
Aviation lacks a balance of women to men with equal skillsets due to the low number of women seeking aviation maintenance as a career pathway. I am constantly striving to find ways to recruit more local women to join aviation.

Greatest professional accomplishment:
Modernizing and improving outcomes in the learning and instruction environment for the Aviation Maintenance program

Advice for students or others:
As individuals we have three things that need to be constantly protected and managed; integrity, accountability and work ethic. Together they give us credibility.

Future plans:
I’d like to finish my education.

daughter and son, nine grandchildren (seven girls and two boys)

people, propulsion technology, basketball, camping, anything outdoors, low-level farming