Thursday, November 14, 2019

Time for Students to Apply for DC Internships

As part of its commitment to provide a wide range of valuable educational experiences to our diverse students, Salt Lake Community College is proud to offer a Washington D.C. internship program.  Not only will you discover more about yourself, you’ll find an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the operations, political process and policy development of some of the nation’s most influential organizations. 


There are a lot of reasons to consider a DC Internship.  In addition to the meaningful contributions you’ll make, an internship will help you make important business contacts and kick-start your future academic and professional career.  In fact, studies show students with internship experience go on to graduate at a higher rate, are more likely to find full-time employment and start their careers with higher wages.


Worried about how to pay for an out-of-state internship? 

We get it.  SLCC has financial support that may cover most if not all of your internship expenses, including:

·      Assistance for travel expenses and housing
·      Financial assistance up to $5,000
·      Tuition Waivers for up to 6 credits 

Not sure what internship is best for you?  Explore internships opportunities or contact our DC Internship Coordinator.  We’ll help guide you through the application process and choose the internship opportunity that works for you.  Internships are also offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, giving you the flexibility needed to stay on the path to success.


Start early. Some positions are filled by December for jobs starting summer semester. Interested students should spend time researching the type of agency, organization, or business they would like to work in for a semester.

To be considered for an internship sponsorship, you must have:

·      Competitive GPA
·      A letter of intent outlining the areas/agencies you plan to contact for an internship.
·      Two letters of recommendation: One from a current professor describing your ability to successfully complete this internship. One from an employer outlining your initiative, motivation and ability to complete assignment and skills.
·      A current resume showing your employment, volunteer/service, and leadership experience.
·      A 2- to 3-page writing example - you may use a corrected A paper from one of your classes. It will be used to assess your ability to write clearly, grammatically correct, and appropriate to the subject.
·      A current official or unofficial transcript. (Can print from your MYSLCC.)

After your application is accepted, you will be contacted for an interview to be accepted into the SLCC Internship Program.

You can apply by clicking here.

Or contact:
Scott E. Brown
Director, Local Government Relations
Salt Lake Community College
801-957-2020 (Office)