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Deaf Student Seeing Her Way Toward A New Career

Anne Fife
In Zach Curtis’ Theatre 1030 class, there is a lot of chatter and laughter among his students on a day in February when they are learning the art of “unarmed stage combat.”
In one corner of the dance studio at Salt Lake Community College’s South City Campus where they train, it’s relatively quiet as Anne Fife pays rapt attention to her American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.
On this day, Fife is using two ASL interpreters, Katie Hoover and Heather Beck, and an intern, Drake Heap. All are here through the resources of SLCC’s Disability Resource Center, which helps about 50 deaf or hard of hearing SLCC students and is providing ASL interpreters to 11 students for the spring 2020 semester. Fife’s crew takes turns signing what it is that Curtis is saying as he instructs students on how to fake a punch or make it look like you’re dragging a person around by the hair.
Anne Fife and an acting partner work on a combat technique.
Fife’s face turns serious as she appears to grab a f…

True Grit: 16-Year-Old Girl Pursues Diesel Mechanic Path

Hailey Brohamer poses in front of her classmates and instructors in the diesel lab at SLCC's Westpointe Campus.
When Hailey Brohamer was in the eighth grade, she thought she wanted to be an actor. Then she decided to shadow her father one day at his job as a diesel mechanic working for Wheeler Machinery Co. in Salt Lake City. It would not be an easy day, just hanging out with Dad.
Brohamer was up at 4 a.m. to leave by 5 a.m. Dad bought her a new pair of steel-toe boots, which she still has. She was given a tour of Wheeler and met lots of people. She was given a Cat (Caterpillar) hoodie, which she still wears. A fearless girl spent the day using a ratchet to pull apart sections of an engine used in heavy equipment, just like Dad would do.
“It was, I mean, it was hard work,” recalls Brohamer, now 16. “I enjoyed it. I am a hands-on type of person. I don’t care if I get my hands dirty. I actually like it.”
Time flew that day. “I was in the moment,” she says. “I loved doing it. I told …

Meet Our Faculty: Kit Giddings

Kit Giddings Associate Professor School of Social Sciences Education
What she teaches: Study of Disabilities, Introduction to Special Education, Inclusive Classrooms and Research/Inquiry in Education
Number of years teaching at SLCC: 7
Undergraduate degree: Brigham Young University
Master’s: Brigham Young University

Why working at SLCC matters: Teaching is emphasized over research at SLCC. This allows me to have more interaction with students.
Greatest professional challenge: Attending school while raising a family and working full time.
Greatest professional accomplishment: The satisfaction of helping students realize their academic goals.
Advice for students or others: Life is full of possibilities, so we shouldn’t limit ourselves.
Future plans: Continue teaching at SLCC and enjoy my family.
Family: Married with three children and nine grandchildren
Hobbies: Hiking, drawing, reading and cooking

“The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)” Plays for Laughs at the Grand

Salt Lake Community College’s Grand Theatre presents the hilarious musical theater parody, “The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!),” running Backstage at the Grand, Feb. 13 – March 7, 2020. Seating is limited.
Having received multiple award nominations, “The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)” tells the story of June, an ingenue struggling to pay rent, plagued by her evil landlord, encouraged by her wise neighbor and potentially saved by the leading man. A cast of 10 actors jump between variations of five settings and delightful musicals, each written in distinctive styles of different composers—from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Stephen Sondheim. It’s a hilarious parody of musical theater.
“Whether you’re a musical theater buff, or just someone who enjoys theatre once in a while, you’ll laugh at this show as it pays homage to some of the greatest musical theater writers and composers by lovingly needling and roasting them,” said Seth Miller, artistic and executive director of The Grand…

Students Flock to Metal Sculpting Course for Skills, Artistic Outlet

Richard Prazen (center) demonstrates a technique in his metal sculpting class.
For Bonnie Jo Fisher, grandmother of nineteen, metal sculpting is therapeutic. For Marissa Cox, Spring 2019 Criminal Justice graduate, metal sculpting decorates her home and creates some disposable income. Both Cox and Fisher are longtime students in Richard Prazen’s fine arts metal sculpture course on the Taylorsville Redwood campus. Students often voluntarily repeat the class, which fulfills an SLCC fine arts credit, but a perpetually full waitlist can make doing so competitive.
University of Utah student Keon Aarabi, a 2017 transfer from SLCC, commutes between campuses to keep his spot. “It’s the only class I don’t want to miss,” he says. In fact, Aarabi credits his career choice to multiple semesters spent in Prazen’s class. And he doesn’t plan to weld for his living — not quite, anyway. Aarabi is a pre-dental student at the U.
Through metal sculpting, Aarabi discovered his aptitude for spatial thinking…

Student, Alum Tap Into Sundance’s Reservoir of Opportunities

SLCC alum and filmmaker Dylan Lunt on Main Street in Park City.
For aspiring filmmakers Sadie Lynn Ledbetter and Dylan Lunt, the recent Sundance Film Festival was less about watching movies and more about building a career.
Lunt graduated this past fall from Salt Lake Community College with a film production technician degree. His final project while at SLCC’s Center for Arts and Media was making a short film called Circadian. The movie is about a pilot who wakes up to find that his wife and half of his spaceship are missing, with only artificial intelligence to keep him company. Lunt calls his piece “high quality” and plans on submitting it to film festivals.
While still a student at SLCC, Lunt was offered Sundance credentials through the college that opened access to panels and events during the festival. In all, about 17 SLCC students and alums were engaged in some way during the festival with events, panels and work. At the panel discussion “All About Shorts,” Lunt, a Bountiful re…

Improving Online Education to Increase Student Completion

As an institution, one of SLCC’s top goals is to help all of our students complete their degrees or certificates. We understand our responsibility is to train and educate students so they are prepared and well-positioned to find meaningful work or transfer to another institution. 

We know that many students have difficulty finishing their programs. Our students face unique challenges: more than 80 percent work while attending college, and many of our older students have pressing family obligations, such as raising children or caring for elderly relatives. As a result, our students require flexibility. One way we can cater to this need is by increasing our offerings in online education. 
SLCC has given students the option to take classes online for many years, but recently we have begun expanding our online offerings in more strategic ways. We currently offer 13 programs and certificates that can be completed entirely online, and we’ve recently started promoting our online Business and…

Seeking the Best Talent

SLCC has the most diverse student body of any higher education institution in Utah. As such, the makeup of our faculty and staff should reflect that of our student population. Students are more likely to thrive when they recognize themselves in their instructors and the college staff who provide additional support. What’s more, all of our students benefit from the opportunity to learn from instructors with different backgrounds and cultures. 
One strategy that aligns with our goal to achieve equity in student participation and completion is the new SLCC Search Advocate program. It is an important way in which we are working to encourage diversity in our hiring practices. Search Advocates are SLCC staff and faculty who have elected to undergo additional training so they can serve hiring committees throughout the college in improving equity, diversity and inclusivity. Specifically, Search Advocates assist hiring managers by developing job descriptions and interview questions that featu…

SLCC Helping Young Students Envision College as Part of their Future

With a strong economy and plentiful job opportunities, it can be difficult for today’s young people to see the value in attending college. Upon graduation, many high schoolers these days are directly entering the workforce, and some are turning to online classes on sites such as Udemy and Skillshare in lieu of attending college. While our enrollment during the last 20 years has generally followed economic trends, the college-going population has been steadily declining in Salt Lake County. If this continues, Utah’s challenges in filling high-demand jobs will only worsen and lead to slower economic growth and reduced prosperity. 
In the SLCC Strategic Plan, one of our goals is to secure institutional sustainability and capacity, and the primary way we will achieve this goal is to continually grow enrollment. To support our enrollment efforts, SLCC formed a collaborative work team (CWT) last year to develop a framework to strengthen what’s known as the “P-20 pipeline.” P-20 refers to t…

Grand Theatre’s 2020 Sundance Lineup to feature Salt Lake Premiere of Taylor Swift Documentary