Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SLCC student fashions entertain and inspire at annual show

From the opening when a sinister-looking mime took the stage to mimic playing a haunting piano arrangement, it was clear this would be no ordinary fashion show.

Salt Lake Community College Fashion Institute’s annual Raw Couture Fashion show drew hundreds to see 120 pieces that started taking shape last fall as sketches on paper. Dubbed “Fa├žade, Shadows of Illusion” this year by the SLCC Fashion Show Production class, the 2014 event was the largest fashion show in the history of the program.

For the next four hours a standing-room only audience at the picturesque Union Pacific Depot in Salt Lake City was entertained and inspired by 12 designers and a cast of dancers, models, a DJ and even a fencing duo, who battled amongst the crowd to the theme music from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Individual runway show names included “Warrior,” “Secret Garden,” “Geometry,” and “Moths to the Flame.”

Hundreds of audience members, many of who paid $25 per ticket, got a close-up look at the creations as models made their way through the crowd before taking the stage as a group with each designer. Fashions ranged  from elegant and edgy to audacious and outrageous, with a finale of colorful and wild costumes that showcased a steampunk look. A modest offering of finger food during an intermission disappeared faster than a rabbit in a magician’s hat, perhaps adding to the illusory aspect of the show.

Mojdeh Sakaki, director of the Fashion and Interior Design Program at SLCC, said the College’s program provides employees for a “very robust fashion industry” in Utah, specializing in outerwear, skiwear, shoe and boot making, millinery, bridal, costuming for movies and theater, alterations, accessories, sewing and pattern making.

“We have the only fashion program in the state,” Sakaki said. “This show introduces the community to the many possibilities that SLCC can offer to them.”

Sakaki noted that students involved in this year’s show are working in the industry, starting their own line of clothing, working for other companies like Nordstrom, Marmot and Juicy Couture or furthering their education in fashion-centric London and Paris.

SLCC School of Arts, Communication and Media Interim Dean Richard Scott was front and center for part of the show, which he called a “perfect example” of what the creative process at a community college can produce.

“Our programs teach and mentor students to explore their creativity, learn the craft of their art form and then apply it to the real world,” Scott said. “The fashion show was all of that and more. Our students were able to show their work in a public forum in collaboration with each other to create and overall experience for the audience that was beyond just the showing of the art of fashion, delving deeper into a collaborative presentation – lights, music, dances, action.”

The event was produced by SLCC students with help from models, performers, designers and several companies for hair, makeup, flowers and decorations.

SLCC student designers in the 2014 show were: Loralee North; Talissa Meza; Stefanie Holbrook; Robyn Hagen; Brittany Barney; Coreena Freeman; Lisa Barnhill; Olga Assayah; Rachel Hayes; Davis Hong; Jillian McCormick; and Cherylene Sandusky Rosenvall.

SLCC instructor Heidi M. Gress’ production class included: Jerica Allen; Lexcie Bennett; Nassi Doudman; Zara Cardenas; Marguerite Duncan; Kimberly Dunn; Monika Garci-Aguirrre; and Charlie Fratto.