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Center for Arts and Media Dazzles During Grand Opening

It took two days in November to roll out the red carpet for something as special as Salt Lake Community College’s new Center for Arts and Media. “I believe it can change the landscape of how we in higher education nurture our  students toward either transferrable degrees with our sister USHE institutions or the vibrant industry within the digital disciplines,” said SLCC School of Arts, Communication and Media Interim Dean Richard Scott. “A facility like this will enable us to provide world class, industry standard experiences for the state’s digital student.” MacArthur genius award recipient Bill Strickland helped kick off events November 7 with a keynote address at South City Campus’ Grand Theatre. Former SLCC President Dr. Cynthia Bioteau hosted about 200 people at a colorful  and diverse art show the first day, handing out two $1,000 awards and two more for  $500 each. Artist Benjamin Higbee won the $1,000 President’s Award with his entry “Part

SLCC Administrative Change

Salt Lake Community College bid a fond farewell in November to its leader since 2005 as Dr. Cynthia Bioteau moved on to become president of Florida State College at Jacksonville. Dr. Bioteau took the helm as president of the College in 2005, bringing more than 35 years of experience in education, mental health and business. Under her guidance the College became a core of economic and workforce development and a consistent Top 10 finisher as one of the leading producers of associate degrees in the country. Before leaving Dr. Bioteau wrote in an email to employees, “I believe SLCC is more solid and important to this state and country as never before, and know the greatness is from the collective wisdom and efforts.” While at the College Bioteau supported the creation of its Women’s Business Institute and the Women’s India Trust, which works with female entrepreneurs in India. During her time as president, Dr. Bioteau collected honors that include

Jimmie Breedlove -­‐ Total One-­‐Eighty

Jimmie Breedlove -­ ‐ Total One-­ ‐ Eighty (See 3 photos at bottom) Jimmie Breedlove can still see the scene from when he was only five and his late alcoholic father drove down a dirt and gravel road in a blue and white pickup away from the farmhouse and his family in Wisconsin. It was the beginning of a long slide that included a brief stay at an orphanage, doing drugs as a teen and a nearly two-­ ‐ year prison term in his early 20s. A self-­ ‐ described scrawny kid, Breedlove can’t remember exactly how many times he was beaten up as a child, only that he used to hide in the bathroom during recesses at school until a playground monitor showed up. And now? “Total 1-­ ‐ 80,” Breedlove, 38, said about the degrees of change in his life. “I’ve got a wife, kids and a passport. Life is good. I don’t have the man pressuring me.” For a while he was working for a company that applies signs and graphics to automobiles.