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Scholarship Highlight: The Marlon Andrus Endowed Scholarship for Business

Marlon Andrus Legacy inspires grateful alumni and friends to create scholarship honoring a beloved Professor
For many people, creating an endowed scholarship at SLCC is a meaningful and lasting way to honor a cherished friend, a revered professor or valued mentor. By creating the Marlon Andrus Endowed Scholarship for Business, Roger McQueen, Ben Jones and others hoped to pay tribute to the fund’s namesake, who served in all three roles.
Marlon Andrus was a beloved and exemplary instructor in SLCC’s Finance and Economics department who walked away from a lucrative role as a vice president and manager of First Security Bank for a teaching career. Working with college students turned out to be his true calling. During his 30-year career at the college he earned many awards, including the National Teaching Excellence Award from the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.
“In his 30 years teaching at SLCC, Marlon was much more than a wonderful professor,” said Roger. “He was a…
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Create A Scholarship, Change the Future

In today’s world, a college degree is more important than ever. The landscape of our economy requires people to be technically skilled, but also capable in the arts of communication, critical thinking and teamwork. Education is also an important stepping-stone out of poverty for many Americans and is tied to higher weekly and lifetime earning rates.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the earning potential of the average American with an associate’s degree is $124 more a week than people with only a high school diploma. Americans with a bachelor’s degree make $461 more per week than people with a high school diploma. These dollars may seem small when considered on a micro level, but they represent hundreds of thousands of dollars gained or lost over a person’s lifetime.
With the American middle class shrinking each year, and more than 38 million Americans living in poverty, education is more important than ever. Scholarships are more important than ever before to lift fam…

Staff Development Opportunities — September 23–30

**Please note that the following opportunities are available to all faculty and staff.**
Supervisor EssentialsAll supervisors are highly encouraged to attend “Supervisor Essentials” as part of their comprehensive professional and leadership development. The training consists of six modules. Register for each module, attend modules in any order and retake sessions anytime for additional support. The modules are presented via WebEx, which is interactive, flexible and recorded for your convenience.CV29 - Module 2, Oct. 14, 9–11 a.m.Creating a Positive Work Environment:Fair and Effective Employee Relations and Compliance PracticesAt SLCC, we believe it is a priority of supervisors and leaders at all levels to establish a positive work environment, which includes understanding and executing fair and effective management practices.  Learn how to address challenging employee related concerns. Learn both the informal and formal corrective action processes. Additional topics include understandi…