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SLCC, U of U Collaborate on Electric Car Made of Composite Materials

Composites car on display at SLCC's Westpointe Workforce Training & Education Center.
Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah are continuing a collaboration on the construction of a working electric car, whose body is primarily made of composite materials. The duo entered a vehicle in a national competition this past year and is gearing up to compete again in 2020 with a new model, with improvements being made to the original design.
The interview below about the collaboration between the U of U and SLCC, the car itself and the competition is with SLCC composites instructor and U of U materials science and engineering student Zachary Ingrey.
Zachary Ingrey
Which departments at the University of Utah are involved with the composites car? It pretty much exclusively runs through the Mechanical Engineering department. We work with students of any discipline. One of the purposes of the competition has a business side element to it. We work with a lot of business student…

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