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SLCC Employee Recognition Celebration

Annual Employee Recognition Celebration
Friday, May 3rd 
3:00 – 5:00 pm.
Jordan Health Sciences Atrium and Auditorium

Please join colleagues and friends at a warm and wonderful celebration of excellence at the College's annual Employee Recognition event on Friday, May 3rd at the Jordan Campus. 

Your presence is requested for a festive Friday afternoon as our community thanks all College retirees and wishes them a fond farewell, recognizes and congratulates the 2013 Teaching Excellence Award winners, and honors employees who have reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 year milestones of service to the College. 

Island attire optional . . .

We hope to see you there!

Bruin Bash 2013!

5th Annual
Bash 'til you crash
Taylorsville Redwood Campus

Friday, May 3
Starts at 5:00 pm

Comedians, photo booth, magicians, popcorn, climbing wall, dubstep performance, and more!

Pride in Academics

Preservation Week: Resources for Military Families

“Grandpa and Grandma, what did you do when you were serving our country?”For National Preservation Week 2013, one of the resources being highlighted by the Library of Congress is the Veterans History Project. The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war. Visit Experiencing War a special Preservation Week Exhibit from the Veterans History Project

NPR’s Science Friday from SLCC’s Grand Theatre to run one Week Later

National Broadcast Delayed by Boston Marathon Bombing CoverageNPR’s Science Friday program, recorded at Salt Lake Community College’s The Grand Theatre, will be broadcast on Friday, April 26, 2013 at noon Mountain time. Presented by KUER public radio, the broadcast will be heard by more than 1.3 million listeners via hundreds of public radio stations across the United States.

The program was originally recorded on April 19. Science Friday typically is a live-broadcast, but was rescheduled for April 26 because of NPR's coverage of the boston bombing.

The broadcast can be heard on local National Public Radio stations, on and the Science Friday website at:
Science Friday is a weekly installment of NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation’ program that focuses on science topics in the news. The April 26 broadcast includes a discussion of paleontology, the planet Mars, salt sea microbes, a space telescope, and the sage grouse, followed by a Q&A session with listeners.


SLCC Receives Share of $1M from American Gas Association

Scholarship Program Supports Students Pursuing Degrees in Energy FieldsSalt Lake Community College has received scholarship money from the American Gas Association (AGA). The AGA is funding scholarships for students interested in pursuing careers in the natural gas industry using proceeds from the 17th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG-17).

“Natural gas is the foundation fuel for a clean and secure energy future and an economic revitalization for our country. We are making an investment in helping to develop a skilled workforce capable of maintaining the 21st century technology that transports and utilizes this clean energy source serving the needs of more than 177 million Americans,” said Dave McCurdy, President and CEO of the American Gas Association. “Our commitment will help ensure the continued vitality of the American workforce and solidify the legacy of this transformation in American energy.”

The AGA Scholarship program will provide a total of…

Preservation Week 2013: Digital Materials

Did you know that digital materials can be more difficult to preserve than physical ones?
Our photo albums, letters, home movies and paper documents are a vital link to the past. Personal information we create today has the same value. The only difference is that much of it is now digital. 

Chances are that you want to keep some digital photos, e-mail, and other files so you  - and your family - can look  at them in the future.  But preserving digital information is a newer concept that many people have little experience with.
Digital photos, videos, and music, electronic documents, and other new media are fragile and require special care to keep them useable.  As new technologies appear for creating and saving our personal digital information, other ones become obsolete, making it difficult to access older content. 
Ensure that your digital materials last a lifetime by taking steps to preserve them: ●…

SLCC Holds Peace Officer Graduation Ceremony

What: Graduation ceremony for SLCC Peace Officer Standards and Training Law Enforcement Academy
When: Thursday, April 25, 5:30 p.m.
Where: SLCC Miller Campus, Free Enterprise Center (MFEC) auditorium, 9750 S. 300 W. Sandy, UT
About: SLCC’s 71st POST graduating class includes four women and twenty-five men. Two have U.S. military experience. Five graduates have already secured jobs with public safety agencies, and many others are currently involved in the selection process.
For more information, contact Scott Fineshriber at: (801) 599-5970.

Preservation Week 2013: Family Involvement

Get your whole family involved in your preservation efforts!

Here are some ideas to involve your family:
Create Your Family ArchiveCreate a Family Time CapsuleTake the Time to Record Your Family Stories: Learn More About Oral HistoriesA Game of Stories: Preserve Your Family Memories with this Home Made Family Fun Board GameFind your Story, Keep Your Heritage: Is there a mystery surrounding your family heritage or an heirloom? The History Detectives at PBS have a video describing detective techniques!

For more ideas and further details about how to involve your family,
Have some of your own ideas you would like to share? Let us know!

UEN Newsletter Feature: David Bate

This post is from the Utah Education Network Newsletter,  posted on April 23, 2013.

The original post can be found here.

UEN Professional Development Teacher Feature
David Bate: Providing Faculty Technology Tools

Since David Bate, a program manager responsible for staff development at Salt Lake Community College’s Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC) and Center for Innovation, found out about UEN classes and workshops he has actively recruited his faculty to participate in technology workshops. The response has been overwhelming and Dave only sees the relationship strengthening in the future.

Dave has been working with the SLCC faculty in a variety of ways to enhance their teaching and improve their techniques.  They’ve done literature circles, discussion groups, seminars, and more.  Still, the technology integration is something that faculty has adopted widely and they are appreciative of learning these new skills.

The faculty loves learning about technology.  They al…

2013 Student Conference on Writing and Social Justice

2013 Student Conference on Writing and Social Justice: Acts of Public Creativity and Participation

April 25
4:30 - 6pm
Taylorsville Redwood Fountain

Slam poetry and dance event. A pizza party and the building of a graffiti wall will follow

April 26
1 - 2:15pm
Taylorsville Redwood STC Oak Room

Keynote: Ronny Edry and Ashley Anderson

2:30 - 5:30 pm: Student Presentations

Preservation Week: Take the First Step

The most important part of a preservation effort is taking thefirst step.  When it comes to preserving your memories, don’t let the pursuit of perfection be an obstacle to getting started.  A simple first step like moving photos out of the attic or basement to a bedroom closet will have a significant impact.

To get some valuable ideas about how you can keep your photos and other collections from fading away, check out these free webinars:
The Preservation of Family Photographs on Tuesday, April 23, 3013 starting at 11am Pacific / 12 Mountain / 1pm Central ·         Who Should Attend this Webinar? Anyone responsible for the preservation of family or other photographic holdings and collections and interested in the preservation of photographic heritage!
Personal Digital Archiving on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 starting at 11am Pacific / 12 Mountain / 1pm Central ·         Who Should Attend this Webinar? Anyone with an interest in preserving their own digital photos, documents, recordings, vide…

PALS Carnival 2013

PALS Peer Action Leaders
Invite you to the Carnival at South City Campus
Tuesday, April 23 11 am - 2 pm SLCC South City Campus 1575 S. State Street Front Lawn
10 + game stations

For more information: 801-957-3392

Congratulations – SLCC Aviation Maintenance Technician Team!

The Salt Lake Community College Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Team recently won 1st in overall time in the hydraulic event at the AMT Society Maintenance Skills Competition in Las Vegas.  SLCC competed against twenty-four teams from four countries competing in fourteen different aviation maintenance skills events at the three day competition. In addition to the win in the hydraulic event, the SLCC team placed second overall in the school category.  

The competition included fourteen timed challenges in events such as avionics, hydraulics, jet engine troubleshooting, window sealing repair, bond and ground, and electrical troubleshooting.
The SLCC Aviation Maintenance team was made up of: captain Chris Austin, Julio Zuniga, Gordon Mabey, Mike Whipple, and Joseph Martin. Jaime Horning was the team’s coach, advisor, and Aviation Maintenance Instructor.

Preservation Week, 2013

Libraries, museums, archives and other organizations work every day to preserve the history of the world.  During Preservation Week, libraries all over the country present events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

Find resources designed to help your personal preservation efforts and learn what to do when disaster strikes at &
Additionally, the SLCC Archives & IR Digital Collections presently provide access to a wide range of digitized materials. ·         We take on the responsibility of preserving, digitizing, and providing access to works created by SLCC Students, Staff and Faculty as well as teaching and learning resources. ·         We also migrate your work to new digital formats so even as technologies change you can still access your work.  ·         The SLCC IR Digital Collections offers you the abil…

NPR’s Science Friday Broadcast Live from SLCC’s The Grand Theatre

National Broadcast Presented by KUER Public RadioListen live Friday, April 19 at noon.

Salt Lake Community College’s The Grand Theatre will be the broadcast site for KUER public radio’s presentation of NPR’s Science Friday on April 19, 2013. The live broadcast will be heard by more than 1.3 million listeners via hundreds of public radio stations across the United States.

Randall Irmis, Brooks Britt, and science writer Brian Switek will discuss paleontology during the show’s first hour. Irmis is an assistant professor of geology & geophysics at the University of Utah and the curator of paleontology for the Natural History Museum of Utah. Brooks Britt is an associate professor of geological science at Brigham Young University. He is the former director of the Stewart Museum in Odgen, Utah and the curator of paleontology for the Museum of Western Colorado in Grand Junction, Colorado. Brian Switek is a science writer whose new book My Beloved Brontosaurus was released on April 16 by Sci…

Student Evaluations Spring 2013

Attention Students!

Complete your course evaluations ONLINE to get your final grades early*!

April 15- May 10, 2013
(official grade release date is 5/15/13)

It's easy, anonymous, and course evaluations provide:

Information for future students linked through the searchable class scheduleInformation to instructors to help improve classesInformation to academic administrators on how students evaluate classesInformation necessary to meet accreditation standards for higher education institutions
Look for "Student Evaluations - click here -" on your Mypage Student tab
Course evaluations are completely anonymous! Your name or personal identifying information is NOT REPORTED to anyone (including instructors). It is simply logged in the system to indicate that you completed your evaluations. 

*As soon as your instructor posts grades

New Graphic Design Online Collection!

There is a NEW collection in the SLCC IR Digital Collections –Graphic Design at SLCC! Be sure to visit to peruse the works of SLCC Graphic Design Alumni. This new collectionshowcases the work of our talented Graphic Design students.
And whilst you’re thinking about what it might be like to take a Graphic Design course here at SLCC, check out the related new SLCC Online Exhibit all about the Visual Art & Design – Graphic Design Program! This Online Exhibit showcases videos about the Graphic Design program as well as 3-D depictions of the Center for New Media soon to be opening at the South City Campus and information about the INK SLCC Student group. The still image slideshows also include links to digital resources in the SLCC IR Digital Collections.

Student Life & Leadership New Cabinet

The SLCC Student Life and Leadership SLCCSA Cabinet sworn into office.

SLCC 2013 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Available Online

Salt Lake Community College has made the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Lecture by English professor Lisa Bickmore available online. Bickmore presented the lecture “Narrative/Argument: Transacting Our Stories In Public” on April 3.

“Lisa’s presentation was so excellent and so well received that we are making it available online so that her insights can reach a broader community,” SLCC director of faculty services and study abroad Sandra Kikuchi said. “Her lecture focusing on digital stories was exciting and represents the best spirit of the Distinguished Faculty Award.”

Bickmore’s presentation explores how understanding more about story can help people understand argument and persuasion. She examines the way understanding narrative can allow people to participate more fully in their communities.

Salt Lake Community College's annual Distinguished Faculty Lecturer award was established to identify and recognize faculty engaged in important and exciting work they will share with colleagues…

Recruiter Visits and Major Specific Advisors

Recruiter Visits

DeVry University

April 4

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

April 10

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

April 17

Jordan Campus
HTC Foyer

May 1

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

May 2

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

Argosy University

April 11

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

April 15

Jordan Campus
HTC Foyer

April 24

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

May 2

South City Campus
West Foyer

Westminster College

April 10

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

April 17

South City Campus
West Foyer, North End

April 24

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
STC Event Hallway

Transfer Advisors
Major Specific

University of Utah
Social Work & Behavioral Science
April 10, 9am - 2pm Taylorsville Redwood STC 2nd Floor

Utah Valley University
Hospitality Management
April 10, 9am - 1pm, Taylorsville Redwood STC Events Hallway

University of Utah
April 17, 9am - 2pm, Taylorsv…