Thursday, April 25, 2013

Preservation Week 2013: Digital Materials

Did you know that digital materials can be more difficult to preserve than physical ones?

Our photo albums, letters, home movies and paper documents are a vital link to the past. Personal information we create today has the same value. The only difference is that much of it is now digital. 

Chances are that you want to keep some digital photos, e-mail, and other files so you  - and your family - can look  at them in the future.  But preserving digital information is a newer concept that many people have little experience with.

Digital photos, videos, and music, electronic documents, and other new media are fragile and require special care to keep them useable.  As new technologies appear for creating and saving our personal digital information, other ones become obsolete, making it difficult to access older content. 

Ensure that your digital materials last a lifetime by taking steps to preserve them:

Sure of your knowledge? Take the quiz and find out how you score with digital preservation know-how: