Friday, December 6, 2013

SLCC Libraries Launch “One Search” and New Discovery Service!

The SLCC Libraries recently launched a simple-to-use but powerful new tool called a discovery service.   What is a discovery service?  Described as a search tool that is “as quick and easy as Google or other search engines with higher quality and more relevant results,” the service provides users with access to an institution’s entire collection via a single entry point, almost a “one-stop shopping” experience.

In the case of the SLCC Libraries, the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) was evaluated and chosen by a team of librarians as the service with the highest value to our students and other library users.  EDS is accessed by simply clicking the first search tab near the top center, labeled “One Search,” on the library’s web page.   The staff at SLCC Libraries re-named the EDS search to “One Search” to make it easier to understand.

An example of a “One Search” conducted as this article was written was a keyword search on “global warming.”  The results of this search within the content offered by SLCC Libraries numbered over 900,000!  It sounds overwhelming, but what is exciting is how a typical discovery search such as this is, highlights the sheer quantity of content that lies within our SLCC Libraries holdings.  An initial search will seamlessly display and bring together both the electronic and the physical content.

The process of narrowing down after using the “One Search” tab is very intuitive, with a left-hand margin and top-of-page drop-down box on the results page, each that offer narrowing via multiple facets such as format, relevance, date of publication, full-text results, scholarly and academic, subject headings and many other avenues.  For the first time ever, students and other users may narrow their search pathways to only the SLCC Libraries’ eBooks collection, as but one example of a more precise way to search.

The entire process now results in a highly efficient and precise search that is tailored to the user’s search needs.  The saying is “Knowledge is power.”  The staff members of the SLCC Libraries invite you to check out this powerful new service, accessible now on the library web page.  Any questions may be directed to the individual Reference desks by calling the appropriate campus library during the posted open hours.