Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Writing Centers Week 2015

The Student Writing Center will be celebrating International Writing Centers Week 2015 (February 6-13) with a Faculty Writers Reading Series.  International Writing Centers Week is celebrated each year by Writing Centers around the world to foster better awareness of the learning that takes place in writing centers and the impact that they have on our educational institutions.   In the past the Student Writing Center has featured the work of student writers through writing contests and other activities.  This year, it seems appropriate to feature the work of SLCC faculty who are writers themselves. 

Each day at noon (12:00pm) in the AAB Fritz Cultural Commons during the week of February 9th, we’ll be featuring SLCC faculty writers:

February 9:  Lisa Bickmore
February 10:  Lynn Kilpatrick & Benjamin Solomon
February 11:  Clint Johnson
February 12:  Wade Bentley
February 13:  Brandon Alva