Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SLCC Technology Services for Students

SLCC provides several technology services to current students.  The below list covers some important items that most students should be aware of.

Wireless Internet Access – SLCC has over 700 wireless access points distributed across our different campus locations.  To access the wireless system, login to the “SLCC-STUDENT” wireless network using your MyPage username and password.

Computer Labs – SLCC has over 150 labs with thousands of computers for student use in either a classroom setting or in open use labs.  Open Labs are student funded labs that available for all registered SLCC students.  Each lab has different hours but most are available Monday—Saturday. Locations: Taylorsville Redwood—Markosian Library,  Student Center 2nd Floor; South City—2-149, 1-061R; Jordan—JHS Atrium, HTC 100; Miller—MFEC 207

Laptop Checkout – There are a limited number of laptops at select open labs that can be checked out for up to 72 hours.  This is a free service as long as laptops are returned on time.  Locations:  Taylorsville Redwood—Markosian Library; South City—2-149, 1-061R; JordanJHS Atrium

Free Apps – SLCC has a system called AllAccess ( that allows you to run computer lab applications (like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, AutoCAD, MatLab, Maple, etc) on your personal device for free, from anywhere you have an internet connection.  AllAccess also allows you to save files in your “My Documents” folder for later use.  Visit AllAccess for training videos and installation instructions.

Bruinmail / Google Apps – SLCC has partnered with Google to provide all SLCC students with an SLCC Google account (  You can connect to this account from your smartphone or through MyPage.  This account also allows access to all the Google Apps suite so you can share and collaborate with your instructors and other students.

Printing – At the start of each semester all registered students are provided with credits for 50 free prints on their OneCard.  This can be used in the campus labs and using your own computing device.  You can also load additional credits on your card for additional prints.  We’ve also just implemented MobilePrint (  This system allows you to send an email from your device and then go to one of the print release stations in the Open Labs to release your document.

Technology Help – Where can you get technology help?   For help with the items on this list as well as other SLCC technology services:  Help Desk - (801) 957-5555  Email:  Helpdesk@slcc.eduOpen Labs - Taylorsville Redwood—Markosian Library,  Student Center 2nd Floor; South City: W285 (2-149), W137 (1-061R); Jordan—JHS Atrium, HTC 100; Miller—MFEC 207;   IT Lab Aids - Ask an IT lab aid in any lab you use for help.