Thursday, September 5, 2013

New SLCC Event Coordinator!

Salt Lake Community College is happy to announce the hiring of a new College Event Coordinator, Megan McDowell.

McDowell has worked at the College since 2008 as the Administrative Assistant to President Bioteau in the Office of the President. She has an associate's degree from the College in General Studies, and an Event and Meeting Planner Program Certificate.

"Megan's knowledge of the College, broad event experience and exceptional work ethic will ensure that college-wide events be planned with the highest level of creativity and effectiveness," said Alison McFarlane, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. "I am delighted she will be joining the Institutional Advancement division in such an important role." 

Before working at the College, McDowell spent three years opening Italian restaurants, across the country, and at Arbor Manor Reception Center where she coordinated design, decor, and events.

Although she has already taken on some of the responsibilities for her new position, McDowell will officially begin her new assignment on September 15, 2013.

She will stay housed in the Office of the President until the new Instruction & Administration Building is completed.