Thursday, October 30, 2014

SLCC audio techie takes home award from national competition

Salt Lake Community College students who are members of the Audio Engineering Society took home an award and rubbed elbows with rock-n-roll’s finest technicians October 9-12 at AES’s 137th convention in Los Angeles.

More than 15,000 people and 307 exhibitors and sponsors packed the Los Angeles Convention Center for four days, during which SLCC student Ryan Moody was awarded the Silver Medal in the Student Design Competition for his  “MIDI Dance Sensors.” Moody’s Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) sensors stacked up against designs from undergraduates at four-year schools from around the country. The MIDI sensors convert physical movements of dancers into MIDI data that can be sent to a computer for triggering specific computer-generated musical events like playing a note, chord or sample playback.

SLCC students who participated at the convention are enrolled in associate of applied science tracks for the Music Recording Technology and Media Music programs. Instructors Steve Sue and Thomas Baggaley accompanied students Nicole Darner, Chase Tweed, Brooke Cummings and Ryan Moody to the convention, where they met and learned from industry legends like Alan Parsons, Geoff Emerick (The Beatles), John Storyk (Jimi Hendrix) and Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Calliat.

SLCC’s student AES Club chapter was recently approved by the International AES student delegation, which makes SLCC only the second chapter in the state and the first Utah System of Higher Education institution to have a chapter. SLCC currently has 18 students who are AES members.