Wednesday, September 18, 2019

SLCC offers new fitness degree, easing path to four-year schools

Students at Salt Lake Community College now have a new path to a four-year degree in fitness. SLCC added an Associate of Science degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology as well as several exercise science courses. The new offerings will prepare students for seamless transfer to four-year degree programs at the University of Utah and other state schools.

The new degree and new courses, which include Intro to Exercise Science, Sport and American Society, and Special Topics in Exercise Science, are designed to complement the college’s existing Associate of Applied Science degree in the Fitness Technician program. Now, students who want to gain industry experience while seeking an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science will be able to enter the workforce more quickly by earning the Fitness Technician degree, and some of the credits in that program will fulfill the requirements for the Exercise Science/Kinesiology degree.

Nathan Thomas, associate dean for the Department of Exercise Science, said the added courses and new degree option are more in line with programs offered at other local and national higher education institutions.

“The goal is to accommodate the many students, about 75%, in our program who want to work in the industry while going for their bachelor’s degree,” said Nathan Thomas, associate dean for the school’s Department of Exercise Science.

SLCC worked closely with the University of Utah and other state schools to ensure the changes accommodate a seamless transition to four-year degree programs. The changes at SLCC prepare students for careers and transfer pathways in exercise science and kinesiology, the study of human movement. These new offerings started in August.