Friday, May 3, 2013

SLCC Celebrates Peace Officer Class of 2013

The College held the graduation ceremony for the 71st class of the SLCC Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Law Enforcement Academy on Thursday, April 25th  in the auditorium of the Miller Free Enterprise Center at Miller Campus.   

Salt Lake Community College President Cynthia A. Bioteau provided the commencement address to the 29 POST graduates and their family and friends in attendance.

"I add my thanks and appreciation to your families for their support of you and these commitments. It was not the easy way, but you all have much to celebrate and feel pride in—you have met the requirements to become utah law enforcement officers," President Bioteau said. “Choosing public safety as a career is not the easy way and requires significant sacrifices. The members of this graduating class have much to be proud of, and we are proud to have trained them. Eighty-five percent of our nation’s first responders are trained at community colleges; this graduating class exemplifies the dedication and quality of education SLCC offers.”

President Bioteau spoke of the career advancement opportunities available to graduates due to their successful completion of their degrees. She asked them to never quit learning and advancing, reminding those in attendance of the other programs the College's offers. "Do not stop here. SLCC can continue to assist your growth with an associates degree in criminal justice or the new homeland secuirty/emergency management degree. These, too, will provide preference points as you advance in your careers."

The graduating class includes four women and twenty-five men. Two have U.S. military experience.  Five graduates have already secured jobs with public safety agencies, and many others are currently involved in the selection process.

"The POST academy here at SLCC is a satellite academy that provides qualified, trained officers that typically work for agencies in need of safety officers in the surrounding area," SLCC program director of public safety David Attridge said. "Our graduates will go on to work for many agencies including local police departments, the Utah department of corrections, even for organizations like the Utah Transit Authority. Our graduates pay their own way to attend this program, and they graduate ready to work from their first day."

For more information, contact: David Attridge at (801) 957-5342.