Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SLCC Softball Player Megan Bradshaw Saves Man From Drowning

Following the Salt Lake Community College Softball team's win in the Region 18 Tournament, Megan Bradshaw helped save a man from drowning. The team travelled to Dierkes Lake in Idaho on Friday to celebrate the tournament victory that qualified the squad for the NJCAA Softball tournament. As the team was leaving, some players, including catcher Megan Bradshaw from Orem, Utah, heard  cries for help. The players saw a man struggling to stay afloat near the dock. 

“Several of our players heard the man yelling for help, and they all started to run directly toward him," said SLCC Head Coach Mary Kay Amicone.

Concerned for the safety of her players, Coach Amicone cautioned the players to be careful. Because Bradshaw had several years experience as a lifeguard, she jumped in to help. She was able to reach the man-in-distress and swim him back to the dock where others assisted in pulling him out of the water.

“The man was panicked and would have drowned without someone’s help,” Amicone said. “Fortunately, Megan was there and because of her training was able to give the help he needed."

“His legs cramped up and he couldn’t swim,” Bradshaw said. “He was okay, he just looked really tired and couldn’t swim any more. I’m very glad that we were there."

SLCC won the Region 18 Tournament for the fifth consecutive year, and advance to the National championship held May 15-18 at the Canyons Complex in St. George, UT, where Bradshaw and teammates hope only  on-field heroics are necessary.