Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SLCC Health Information Technology Program

SLCC's Health Information Technology program offers the opportunity to get the expertise needed for a career in healthcare. The program is perfect for anyone interested in getting into the field, or who is already in it and wants to advance in their career.

Health Information Technology is a broad concept that encompasses an array of technologies to store, share, and analyze health information. Health IT is quickly becoming the hallmark of efficient physician practices around the globe. Health Information Technicians gather patient data, evaluate its accuracy, and organizes the data to make it accessible to secure medical institutions, and patients.

As a Health Information technician you will acquire cutting edge expertise for the future of the health industry by obtaining a wealth of knowledge in the areas of medical records management, health information security and protocols, as well as medical coding, including the new ICD-10 protocols.
The field has a great outlook--technicians will increase by more than 21 percent by 2020.
For more information, contact program director Ruben Rocha at: (801) 957-6009.
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