Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gary Cox Talks Halloween Safety on Ch. 4

Salt Lake Community College Institute of Public Safety Associate Dean Gary Cox talked about Halloween safety on Ch. 4. Below is a summary of what Cox and Ch. 4 anchor Glen Mills discussed.

Ch. 4 anchor Glen Mills (left) and Gary Cox

Whether you celebrate Halloween by decorating and taking part in the giving or receiving of sweet treats or if you’re just traveling about that evening, there are ways everyone can make this popular night much safer for all.

1.     Getting around. Walk, don’t run, stick to sidewalks and only cross streets in designated crosswalks or, if there are none, cross at the ends of streets. If you’re driving around, do not exceed the speed limit and consider driving well under the speed limit in residential areas to give yourself plenty of time to slow down or stop if someone darts in front of your vehicle.

2.     See and be seen. Trick-or-treaters should consider costume choices that involve bright colors and reflective accessories or add-ons to their costumes that help them be seen by motorists. Carrying flashlights and glow sticks are also good ideas, not only to be more visible but also to help navigate dark and often uneven terrain along sidewalks and yards. Finally, don’t choose a mask or costume that obscures your vision – you could trip and injure yourself or miss seeing an oncoming vehicle.

3.     Safety in numbers. Trick-or-treat with friends and neighbors who can help you in case you fall and are injured. Groups of tick-or-treaters are also less likely to be approached by someone intent on doing harm than if you were alone on the streets.

4.     Take tech along. Smart phones have apps or built-in technology that allows authorized users to track the locations of participating cell phones. You might also consider using walkie-talkies to keep in touch.

5.     Alternatives. Consider alternatives if you’re more comfortable visiting businesses that offer trick-or-treating or visit your nearest trunk-or-treat event.