Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SLCC In November 2013 Utah Business Magazine: Sustainable Business Awards

Salt Lake Community College

At Salt Lake Community College, students, faculty and staff equally recognize the opportunity and the obligation to be good environmental stewards.

The college has engaged in a comprehensive sustainability campaign, including a college-wide recycling program that will reach one million pounds of recycled materials in 2013, community gardens at various campuses, clean natural gas operations in grounds and facilities, LEED-certified buildings at the Jordan campus and the new instruction and administration building at the Taylorsville-Redwood campus, and a Green Academy, which is an academic entity that houses numerous programs in alternative and renewable energy fields.

Courses in the Green Academy provide students with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for emerging opportunities in green technologies. SLCC instructors teach both the ideas relating to responsible environmental stewardship and the practical skills needed to perform the work of making communities sustainable.

“SLCC strives to be a leader in sustainability and the responsible stewardship of resources in everything it does and in what it teaches,” says Dave Jones, marketing manager. “The college has set its sights on providing education and training that equips students with the understanding and skills to perform jobs that will promote a sustainable future and with an ethos of stewardship.”