Thursday, December 14, 2017

Student-Athletes Inspire, Educate Children

Know Greater Heroes

Empowering the Hero Within

   A thletes from Salt Lake Community College’s seven sports visit schools throughout the fall and spring semesters as part of the Know Greater Heroes program at the College. With each visit, the students sing, dance with the audience, perform skits and talk about proper nutrition and exercise habits and the importance of making good decisions in life, including with education.

The Heroes program, which is a nonprofit organization with multiple sponsors, was developed to “serve, build and empower communities throughout the world.” The ultimate vision of the organization is to positively affect the lives of all elementary school children, their families and the college student-athletes who serve them.

The Know Greater Heroes Leadership program at SLCC is an academic class presented to all student-athletes. The students are involved in a hands-on leadership training course for 12 weeks prior to sharing their knowledge through a high-energy, action-packed educational elementary school assembly. Paul Marble and Derek Waddops lead the students through about 30 school assemblies each year.

Derek Waddops (left) and Paul Marble

For more information about Know Greater Heroes, click here.

The photos below are from a visit to Redwood Elementary School.