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SLCC Student COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is SLCC implementing a vaccine requirement? 


A.  State leaders recently granted Utah System of Higher Education institutions more flexibility in decisions regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements for Spring semester 2022. The surge in cases due to the Delta variant has put a huge strain on Utah’s health care system, and the college can play an important role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by requiring students to get vaccinated. 


Q. Why are SLCC employees not subject to the vaccination requirement? 


A.  The college is currently waiting for a legal review and authority to consider a vaccination requirement for SLCC employees. Updates will be provided as the college receives information on this matter. 



Q. Why is SLCC implementing a vaccine requirement rather than a mask mandate? 


A.  Utah law only allows state and local health departments, with approval from the relevant county legislative bodies, to issue mask mandates. With that said, SLCC encourages everyone to wear a face covering while on campus. Along with vaccination, we know that wearing a face covering is an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19 and something nearly all of us can do to keep everyone at the college safe and well. 



Q. When does the vaccine requirement go into effect? 


A.  All students are required to show proof of vaccination before they can register for Spring semester classes. Registration begins October 25 (priority registration is set for October 18).



Q. How will SLCC know I am vaccinated?


A.  The college has developed a system that will be part of our online registration module. In order to register for classes, students will need to upload proof of vaccination. Until they do, their account will display a registration hold. Once proof is uploaded, the hold is lifted. To see how the system will work, please check out our registration tutorial at



Q. Are exemptions to the requirement allowed?


A.  Yes, religious, medical and personal exemptions to the vaccination requirement are permitted. An online system for claiming exemptions has been developed and will be available as part of the registration process. Check out how this is done by viewing our tutorial at 



Q. Does the vaccination requirement apply to all students whether or not they attend classes on campus? 


A.  Yes, all students will need to be vaccinated or claim an exemption before registering for Spring semester 2022 classes. The only exception to this is high school students who participate in our concurrent enrollment or early enrollment programs, workforce/economic development students and concurrent enrollment students who are taking classes for no credit.


Q. If I am an SLCC employee who takes classes at the college, am I still subject to the vaccination requirement?


A.  Yes, any employee who takes classes through SLCC is required to be vaccinated. 


Q. If I am an online student do I need be vaccinated to register for classes? 


A. Yes, all students, with the exception of concurrent enrollment students, will need to show proof of vaccination or declare an exemption before they can register for Spring Semester. Nearly all students, whether or not they attend classes on campus, typically access on-site services several times throughout the semester. With that information in mind, the college has opted to apply the vaccination requirement to all students. 


Q. Do continuing education students need to be vaccinated? 


A.  Yes, if a continuing education student is taking a class for college credit. Those who are taking a continuing education class for no credit are not subject to the vaccination requirement.


Q. What does “fully vaccinated” mean? Do I need to wait two weeks after my last dose before I can register for Spring semester? 


A. Fully vaccinated means two weeks after your last vaccination dose. This is two weeks after your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or your single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. You will be able to register once you are two weeks past your last vaccination. 



Q. Will students who are granted exemptions need to regularly test for COVID-19? 


A.  There is no testing requirement, except for select groups (e.g. athletics, healthcare) for students who declare vaccine exemptions, but SLCC will offer free on-campus COVID-19 testing throughout the semester. Students and employees who are asymptomatic may test at SLCC as often as they would like. Testing locations and times can be accessed through our online scheduling tool. Students or employees with symptoms of COVID-19, vaccinated or not, should seek out testing locations offered by the Utah Department of Health


Q. I’ve already had COVID-19. Do I need to get vaccinated? 


A.  While there is evidence that those who have recovered from COVID-19 develop natural immunity, COVID-19 is a novel virus, and there is still much that is unknown about the durability of antibodies from previous infections. As such, the CDC recommends that everyone get vaccinated for COVID-19. Available vaccines are safe and effective and have shown that even in the event of “breakthrough” cases, the chance of becoming seriously ill is greatly reduced. 



Q. Will a COVID-19 vaccine approved under emergency use suffice, or do I need to get the vaccine that has been granted full FDA approval? 


A.  While Pfizer vaccine is currently the only fully approved COVID-19 vaccine available in the United States, the college will also accept vaccines that have been approved for emergency use, which includes Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  



Q. I am an international student, and I have received a COVID-19 vaccine that is not available in the U.S. Do I need to get vaccinated again? 


A.  If you are an international student, and you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with a formulation that is not in use in the United States, you do not have to be re-vaccinated. 



Q. What if I don’t want to get vaccinated or request an exemption? 


A.  Students who do not get vaccinated or who do not declare an exemption will not be permitted to register for SLCC’s Spring semester 2022 classes.



Q. Will I have to quarantine if I’m exposed to COVID-19 after I’m vaccinated? 


A.  No. According to CDC, vaccinated individuals exposed to COVID-19 do not have to quarantine unless they begin to show signs of illness. 



Q. Where can I get vaccinated and how much does it cost? 


A.  To help students meet the requirement, SLCC is offering many free vaccination clinics to students and employees. Details regarding on-campus COVID-19 vaccine clinics can be found on our blog.  


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