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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring 2015 Online Evaluations

Online Course Evaluations

Awesome class…
Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself.
Tell us how we’re doing.

April 13 starts 8:00 a.m. – May 12 ends 8:00 a.m.

Students: Get online and complete your course evaluations.

The information you provide: 
  • Helps improve the quality of instruction and instructors
  • Provides feedback to fellow students on instructors and classes
  • Provides feedback to help instructors improve their classes
  • May be used to retain good instructors

Login to:

MyPage/Student Tab/Online Course Evaluation/Course Evaluations Click Here


Announce in your classes and encourage student participation.

Do it today!


Contact Betty Starts 801-957-4732 or

All evaluations are completely anonymous. Your name or personal identifying information is not reported to anyone, including instructors.

Individuals who require ADA accommodations should contact the Disability Resource Center
at 801-957-4659


  1. It`s not easy, requires a lot of time and hard work. I learn a lot with all of my classes even with the struggle.

  2. Math in general isn`t easy but I have learned so much from Math 1050.
    The most important thing is to pay attention to class and feel free to ask questions to your teacher or classmates.
    You will also get better and better doing the homework online. It provides you `help me to solve this`, you have the choice to do the same exercise with different examples.

  3. Math 990
    Mike Openshaw is an awesome teacher. Kids totally connected with him. Plz have him teaching at SLCC for many years.

  4. Wr 1010. Way to hard. I tested into this class based off my reading comprehension, but I didn't have the writing skills to match. This class was a waste of money. I don't know why SLCC does the Accuplacer test if it isn't an accurate placement test. Now I have to take Wr 990 to gain the necessary writing skills and then Wr 1010 again because failure is not an option.

  5. I don't think anyone's meant to evaluate the courses on this page? Try the evaluations on MyPage! :)

  6. SLCC is on the right track but still has a few hurdles to jump. The instructors are by and large top of the line, but as SLCC's student body experiences numerical growth, there will conversely be a decrease in the amount of individualized attention instructors will be able to foster per student.

    Some students absorb the course material far more readily than others. These students could be invaluable to the instructors as "Peer Facilitators"
    helping those that struggle with some material over come the obstacles that impede their learning experience.

    The current "tutoring program" while well intention-ed does not meet the bar it could. Immediate in class tutoring is far more effective, Metaphorically speaking. An immediate knock on the noggin with a wooden spoon will be remembered as lesson by the child for a very long time, a lecture will often be forgotten via the next thought!

    A "Paid Peer Instructor" program is a viable countermeasure to increased student body #s and the inevitable relatively static instructor base. A combination of hourly stipend, tuition credit, practicum hour's, would provide a viable low cost bridge.

    Face it, rare is the individual that will give freely of their time and knowledge. Unfortunate as it be, we live in a society where altruism is among the minor-est of traits.

    This is an absolute, if your goal is to initiate initiative, you must provide incentive.

    Otherwise, in this scenario especially, the haves will keep what they have to themselves, while the have not's struggle for survival or drown; (much to the chagrin of those who would design their efforts to enable them to save themselves!)

    SLCC is well reputation-ed as an innovator; it is time to innovate again!
    (An excerpt from the life a SLCC student's personal experience; hence the evaluation and heartily endorsed suggestion)