Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SLCC Student Association Elections

Salt Lake Community College students have the opportunity to vote for SLCC Student Association president and executive vice president. Three candidates are vying to be association president and two are running for vice president.

Polls are open from 8 a.m., Tuesday, March 10 through 8 p.m., Wednesday, March 11.

To vote, visit https://sasbot.slcc.edu/student_voting/ or one of the polling stations located at Jordan, South City and Taylorsville Redwood campuses.

Candidates for President

Mac Biggers is running for SLCCSA president. He will use his diversity and communication skills and will be an effective resource in communicating with administrators to advocate for all students. While serving, he hopes to help increase retention and success rates while encouraging a more inclusive campus. Vote Mac in Black.

Miles Broadhead is running for Student Association president. He is running because he knows that he can represent you. Your voice needs to be heard and he can be your megaphone. He wants your vote for Student Association president.

Carlos Moreno is running for SLCC Student Association president. He hopes to build a closer relationship with the student body as a whole, and listen to the voices of the students. He also wants to increase access and awareness of academic advising by creating partnerships with the student government.

Candidates for Executive Vice President

Summer Finkelstein is running for the SLCC Student Association executive vice president alongside her running mate, Mac Biggers. She want to enhance the students college experiences by creating more Bruin pride and making college more affordable by working with faculty on open resource textbooks in some classrooms. Don't forget to vote for Summer!

Blake Sio is running for executive vice president of SLCC Student Association. He is driven to motivate, guide, and serve you with a mix of culture and diversity. Vote for Blake Sio and Carlos Moreno because they are all about you and less about us. Go BRUINS!