Monday, March 2, 2015

New SLCC Libraries Director

Jon Glenn was selected as the new SLCC Libraries Director on Jan. 16. Jon is already a familiar face to many around campuses as he has held various library positions at the Redwood (Markosian), South, and Jordan Campus libraries. Jon had been serving as the acting Director since June 2013.

Jon received a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of North Texas, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Utah.

Speaking on his new opportunity as Library Director, he said:  “I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve the libraries and the college in this capacity.  I’ve had ideas brewing for years and this has given me the opportunity to try and put them into action.  Many are already under way and I look forward to the library becoming more fully staffed so that we can really show what we are capable of.  I have a great staff that has been very supportive and worked very hard through some difficult times.”

For now, Jon’s focus for the SLCC Libraries will be on these key initiatives:

  • Reorganization: Restructure Library Services Department by filling vacant positions to fully staff libraries.
  • Expanding and improving Information Literacy and Liaison program. Work to get Information Literacy more integrated into the curriculum process and work more directly with faculty on instruction.
  • Open Education Resources: Support the College’s Open Education (OER) initiatives by finding ways the library can help locate, evaluate, host and enhance accessibility to OERs.
  • Accessibility: Work with the Universal Access Committee to make all resources and courses accessible including library resources and website.
  • Customer Service: Get the library focused on customer service so that everything we do leads to better outcomes for students.
  • Expanding limited library services beyond current locations: Work with the Learning Centers, Computer labs and others services to provide access points for library services even where there is not a physical library.
  • Remodel learning spaces: Restructure the spaces in and around the libraries so that they are more inviting and conducive to what students need in today’s learning environment.
Jon may be reached at 801-957-4905, or through the SLCC Libraries Administrative office at 801-957-4195.