Friday, June 16, 2017

College Increases Online Security Using Two-Factor Authentication

Salt Lake Community College is committed to creating a safe and secure working and learning environment. That commitment extends to our digital accounts and information. 

With these goals in mind, the College is introducing a new two-step login process for all employees to help protect College data from cyber attacks and phishing scams. This new login process provides an extra layer of security after requiring users to first log in with a username and password. Then you will use a second method of verifying your identity, which will require something you have access to, like your smart phone, tablet or a hardware token.

Passwords alone are no longer sufficient to protect our accounts. It is easier than you may think for an attacker to get access to your password. Hackers have many different methods of capturing usernames and passwords. Two-factor authentication can prevent an attacker from accessing your account even if they have your username and password.

Because this new two-factor authentication login process will make our accounts safer, SLCC employees will not have to change their password for at least a year.

For more information about two-factor authentication, including how to enroll, click here.