Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Marlena B. Stanford Named 2019 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer

Marlena B. Stanford - Assistant Professor, English

The Distinguished Faculty Lecturer is a recognition of quality work by one of Salt Lake Community College’s full-time faculty, and a charge to develop that work over an academic year into a public presentation. A committee chosen by the associate provost for Learning Advancement selects the faculty lecturer each year. The lecture takes place in spring.

Marlena B. Stanford teaches students to see the writer in themselves. Some students take that lesson to a higher level. Stanford fondly recalls the immense satisfaction that came with teaching a “gifted rhetorician,” a student for who English was a second language. In course after course, Stanford watched the woman build confidence and gain versatility in her classroom as a speaker and writer.

Stanford's faculty lecture will explore, as a literate-rhetorical practice, the birthing stories of 10 local women. As an assistant professor of English at SLCC, Stanford emphasizes to students to never be afraid to ask for support. She is proud of the progress her department is making as she and her colleagues collaborate on improving literacy curricula for SLCC’s pre-transfer reading and writing students. Those efforts are helping students with increased confidence levels for reading and writing tasks as well as better overall rhetorical awareness.


Stanford earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Western State College of Colorado and Colorado State University. She is a member of several SLCC committees, including Integrated Reading and Writing, Open English @ SLCC, OER, and Inclusivity.