Monday, April 22, 2019

A Glimpse Into a 40-year Career at the College

Gordon Frisbey marks 40 years of working at SLCC.

Professor Gordon Frisbey is one of Salt Lake Community College's computer sciences and information systems faculty members, and he has taught at SLCC for 40 years. The college celebrates Gordon and hundreds of staff and faculty members at SLCC this time of year during its annual Employee Recognition event, held this year on April 24. Congratulations to Gordon and everyone who helps make SLCC the best it can be!

What has driven you to stay here for 40 years?

I love to see students come with little or no knowledge about computers and leave with the ability to get a job or transfer to another institution.

How have you personally evolved over 4 decades in the classroom?

Over the past 40 years I have gone from doing lectures only to online and combined online/lecture classes. There have been many ways of teaching that have come and gone with each one having good and bad results. 

What are some of your favorite memories?

My favorite memories are of the many students who have completed the program and went on to successful careers. The students I have talked to 20 years later, they are still applying what they learned at SLCC.

Professor Gordon Frisbey (left) poses with former Computer Science 1340 student Joshua Mims, whose father Robert Mims took a Pascal programming class from Frisbey more than 20 years ago. Both Mims currently work for the same local company using knowledge they gained through Frisbey.