Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jordan Campus Opens New Healing Arts Lab

Visitors to the new Healing Arts Lab learn about the labor and delivery room.

It’s a typical day in the labor and delivery world, as a team of nurses checks on their patient in active labor.  “Victoria” seems to be resting comfortably, when she opens her eyes and tells everyone that her water just broke. Monitors in the room erupt in alarms as the fetal heart rate drops and the routine goes from simple to complex while the group works to change her position to bring the heart rate back into a safe range.  This is one of the many simulated scenarios that nursing students may experience in the new Healing Arts Lab at Salt Lake Community College’s Jordan Campus.

A nursing student checks out a sim-mannequin in the pediatric room.

The School of Health Sciences recently held an open house to welcome its new dean, Erica Wight, and celebrate the grand opening of the Healing Arts Lab.  The college community, PAC members and donors toured the new facilities to see firsthand the types of training students receive, beginning with basic medication administration and skills in nursing fundamentals to advanced delivery of IV meds and caring for patients with critical care needs, including intubation and ventilation.  Attendees witnessed and took part in a birthing simulation hosted by one of the advanced sim-mannequins named Victoria, where they had the opportunity to deliver the baby, assess vitals and track APGAR scoring as well as attend to the new mother and her needs.

A nursing instructor observes a student helping a sim-mannequin breathe.

Construction began on the new lab in spring, 2018, and students were able to utilize the new facilities and updated equipment when spring semester started this year.  The Healing Arts Lab provides students with the opportunity to encounter realistic situations created by faculty and instructors that challenges them to apply the critical thinking skills and assessments learned during the semester.  This simulation experience will prepare students to be at their very best as they enter clinical settings and begin their careers in nursing.  Future plans include multiple programs within Health Sciences collaborating to create and work through simulated scenarios, as well as IPE (Inter Professional Education) opportunities.

One of the new rooms at the Healing Arts Lab.

An instructor and student work to revive a sim-mannequin.

New School of Health Sciences Dean Erica Wight