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Meet Our Students: Simmi Kaur


Simmi Kaur 

Age: 22

Lives in: West Jordan 

Originally from: India 

Current major: Biotechnology, because it combines all sciences in some way. 

Other degree(s) earned: Associate's of Science in General Education

Academic goals: Finish my bachelors degree, on to dental school and then specialty school for orthodontics. 

Dream job: Orthodontist, because I want to be able to work with all age groups and help them straighten their teeth. 

Plan B: A job in a lab with biotechnology.

Why are you pursuing a higher education: I am very ambitious, and I want to never stop learning. 

Why did you choose SLCC: It was affordable and because of the small classroom sizes. Teachers actually get to know you, and it is a great way to step into “college life”. 

What motivates you or inspires you: My single mother - I have seen how she worked to raise my brother and me. I want to make her proud of her sacrifices she made. 

Important life and/or career lessons: Work hard and don’t give up. In life, there are many roadblocks like family issues, relationship issues or friendship. But, never give up on the thing you value the most, which for me was education. I never put that aside for anyone. Till this day, it has never left my side. 

Best advice you have been given or that you give others: I would say focus on yourself and love yourself. I learned that later in life, but also make good friends who bring the best out in you. 

Family: One younger brother and a mom.

Hobbies: working out, hiking, coffee shops and views!


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