Monday, March 12, 2018

Meet Our Faculty: Lynn Kilpatrick

Lynn K. Kilpatrick 

Associate Professor
School of Humanities

What she teaches:
English 1010: Intro to Writing; English 2010: Intermediate Writing; Creative Writing courses: 2250: Intro to CW; 2270: Intro to Fiction Writing; 2280: Creative Nonfiction; 2290: Novel Writing; 2600: Critical Intro to Literature; 2700: Critical Theory

Number of years teaching at SLCC:
13 years (since fall of 2005)

University of Oregon

Western Washington University (in Poetry)

University of Utah, in Creative Writing/Fiction

Greatest professional challenge:
For me, it’s choosing where and how to focus my energy. There are so many things happening and it’s tempting to dive in to everything. I’ve learned to choose my projects so that I can put the appropriate amount of energy in and be successful. Also, balancing my work with my personal goals for writing and exercise.

Greatest professional accomplishment:
I’m proud of how I’ve adapted to the changing needs of students and how I consistently think and rethink my teaching style. My greatest achievement is deciding to meet with students one-on-one. I’ve learned so much about my amazing students in these meetings, and it’s helped me be a better teacher. It’s also helped me to understand the incredible challenges some of our students face, and what it takes for them to make it to our classes.
I’m also proud that I’ve published a book of short stories, and that I continue to write and publish.

Advice for students or others:
Reach out. For students this means going to professors’ offices, asking questions, asking for help, offering help to peers, joining clubs and organizations. For faculty and staff, I think this means paying attention to students, recognizing when they need help and offering that help, whatever form it takes. Sometimes students need information or advice, but often they need someone to listen; they need to know that someone cares.

Future plans:
To successfully get my son off to college (one year to go!); go to Hawaii; live in Spain; finish my novel and a collection of essays.

Husband Jason; son Ross; German Shorthaired Pointer Gus

Swimming, yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, reading, watching mysteries, playing board or card games, cross country skiing.