Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Next President’s Leadership Institute Focusing on ‘Five Practices’ Model

Each year the President’s Leadership Institute (PLI) gives faculty, staff and administrators the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their colleagues, the college and collaborative leadership.

This year, participants will engage in an evidence-based leadership development program called “The Leadership Challenge,” based on the “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” model. Prior to the program, participants will complete a “leader development plan” and receive other program materials throughout. When you apply for SLCC’s President’s Leadership Institute, you will:

1.     Develop leadership skills by understanding & assessing your leadership philosophy
2.     Participate in “Leader Labs” to actively engage with concepts and receive feedback from your peers
3.     Integrate service and hands-on learning in our surrounding communities
4.     Learn about inclusive leadership and think deeply about equity minded principles
5.     Receive support for success in the program

There are nine modules for PLI, starting Sept. 26 and taking place on several SLCC campuses, ending with a graduation reception April 24, 2020.

For more information about PLI, click here.

To apply for a spot in this year’s PLI, click here.