Friday, August 16, 2019

Meet Our Faculty: Shannon Mullins

Shannon Mullins

Associate Professor
School of Applied Technology & Technical Specialties

What she teaches:
College Academic Readiness
The course offers personalized instruction for students who plan to enter one of the SAT certificate programs. We work closely with students to target skill areas in math and reading that need improvement.

Number of years teaching at SLCC:
23 years

Undergraduate degree:
University of Portland in Oregon

Master’s degree:
Western Governor’s University

Why working at SLCC matters:
We get a wonderfully diverse population of students and anyone can take advantage of the many opportunities and support SLCC provides to change lives. There’s something here for everyone and it’s all affordable.

Greatest professional challenge:
I would say recently it’s been creating my own curriculum based on Open Education Resources (OER) so students don’t have to spend any money on textbooks.

Greatest professional accomplishment:
I get to know my students well and it’s satisfying to see how getting an education makes a positive difference in their lives. They come in apprehensive about what’s ahead and then I watch as they overcome their fears and leave feeling empowered and prepared to reach their academic goals. I’m proud to be part of that process.

Advice for students or others:
Show up even when you don’t feel like it and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Practicing these behaviors can have positive results in all aspects of life.

Future plans:
I’ve been to 27 countries and I plan on more adventures near home and abroad.

The whole world

I love to experience different cultures, lifestyles and food from around the world.