Sunday, August 4, 2019

Meet Our Faculty: Donald L. Crenshaw

Donald L. Crawshaw

HVAC Program Coordinator
School of Applied Technology and Technical Specialties

What he teaches:
Heating and Air Conditioning

Number of years teaching at SLCC:

Undergraduate degree:
Independence Community College, Independence, Kansas

Why working at SLCC matters:
Since we are now using the competency-based education (CBE) form of education, I feel that we are developing students that are better prepared for entry into the heating and air conditioning field.

Greatest professional challenge:
Staying Focused after my stroke in 2017.

Greatest professional accomplishment:
In 2012 I earned the title of CMHE, certified master HVAC educator. At the time, I was one of only 50 instructors across the nation that held that title. I am also the author of the heating and cooling essentials textbook, from Goodheart-Willcox publishing.

Advice for students or others:
No matter what career you get into, make sure you learn soft skills along the way, meaning customer service. No matter your skills, soft skills are just as important, if not more important.

Future plans:
To retire and move back to southeast corner of Kansas to the family farm that has been in the Crawshaw name for over 100 years. 

I am married and have four children, two who live in Utah and two who live in Colorado Springs. And I also have eight grandchildren.

I am still trying to figure this one out.