Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Karen Knewtson Named SLCC 2013 Graduate of Excellence

Karen Knewtson is the 2013 Salt Lake Community College Graduate of Excellence from the School of Technical Specialties. Knewtson, originally from Madelia, MN, majored in Aviation Maintenance and graduates with honors. 

"My experience here has been awesome. My professors have all been so helpful, approachable, and nice‹always ready to answer any question," Knewtson said. "And the College has been so supportive. There are so many incentives to do something, to be active in things that advance your career. I got to start a club here and do good things to help people and the administration and everyone have completely supported everything."

SLCC¹s Graduates of Excellence recognize one student from each of the College¹s schools.