Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Benjamin Coe Named SLCC 2013 Graduate of Excellence

Benjamin Coe is the 2013 Salt Lake Community College Graduate of Excellence from the School of Business. Coe, originally from Stockton, UT, majored in computer science and information systems and graduates with honors.

"College wasn¹t something I had an instant opportunity to do. I always had to pay my own way. When I finally got to school, I was really excited about it. That¹s why I tried so hard,² Coe said. ³My first semester, I got a 3.96‹one A-. I hated that one A-. It drove me crazy. What Randy Koziatek taught me opened up a new path. I found something I was good at. The encouragement I was given was an absolute gift."

SLCC's Graduates of Excellence recognize one student from each of the College¹s schools.