Monday, June 10, 2013

Utah Representative Jim Matheson Visits SLCC

Utah representative Jim Matheson recently came to Salt Lake Community College's Taylorsville Redwood Campus to visit with students. The wide-ranging discussion featured many topics, but the majority of the time was spent considering the changes that will soon go into effect because of the changes to the Stafford loan program.

Utah Representative Jim Matheson visits with SLCC students.
Utah Representative Jim Matheson visits with SLCC students.

Federally funded Stafford loans are available for low-income students, and currently carry an interest rate of 3.4 percent; that rate is set to double to 6.8 percent on July 1. That would result in more debt and higher payments for students.

In 2013, Jim Matheson was elected to a seventh term as the representative for Utah’s Fourth Congressional District, which comprises the western half of Salt Lake County, the northern tip of Utah County and portions of Sanpete and Juab Counties.

Congressman Matheson serves on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, an exclusive committee with the broadest jurisdiction of any Congressional committee. The Energy and Commerce Committee deals with energy policy, consumer protection, food and drug safety, health care, air quality and environmental health, telecommunications and interstate and foreign commerce.