Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

One of the new acquisitions arriving this month at the SLCC library is the New York Times Bestseller, theWool Omnibus. This collection by Hugh Howey is a compilation of five novellas that create a disturbing dystopia. In the world Howey creates, the outside world is a wasteland, and to survive, humans now live in a silo reaching deep into the earth. While most of the people in the silo just want to survive the day to day and live with the lies they are taught, others ask questions. It is the uncertainty these questions create that causes this fragile civilization to begin to unravel.  Fraught with political intrigue, bizarre superstitions, and a varied cast of characters, the world in Wool will suck you in as you try to figure out what is really going on and who can be trusted.

On top of being an exciting read, Wool has also helped demonstrate the shift in our publishing world. The five novellas in this omnibus were originally self-published by Hugh Howey.  This collection, which did not receive the benefit of a traditional publishing house managed to become a bestseller. Howey’s well edited and crafted stories have helped give respectability to the self publishing world and shown that if you have that original story, you can make it a success in the self-publishing world.

While the success of the Wool series may signal the end of the publishing world as we know it, this apocalyptic work is an enjoyable read. Take the time to enjoy the shocking world of Wool by checking this book out from the SLCC library.