Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mexican students at SLCC to benefit from grant

Juntos Podemos/Together We Can and the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) recently awarded a $5,000 IME-Becas grant to the Utah-based FUNDET Scholarship Program, which will help 10 to 15 Mexican students attending Salt Lake Community College.

During an event at the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City to announce grant awards for several institutions in Utah, Mexican Consul Eduardo Arnal said the money helps with the development and personal growth of Mexican students as well as the economic and social development of Mexican communities. Scholarship recipient Ciria Alvarez talked about how the funding helped her overcome “barriers” and “obstacles” as an undocumented student toward someday becoming a civil rights attorney.

"Juntos Podemos and IME Becas bring opportunity and hope to many of our Mexican students at SLCC,” said Enrique Soto, Hispanic marketing manager for SLCC Institutional Marketing and Communications. “These scholarships open the door to a higher education and give students a chance to carve out a better future for themselves and their families.” SLCC academic advisor Luz Gamarra said the grant is a “gift that keeps on giving.”

FUNDET is a Hispanic/multicultural scholarship program administered through a private foundation committed to assist Hispanic adults trying to earn a technical degree toward entering the workforce and becoming self sufficient. Students attending SLCC’s School of Applied Technology benefit from the FUNDET scholarships. The program is managed and directed by the FUNDET Student Leadership Council. Juntos Podemos engages Mexican business leaders and grassroots organizations to help immigrants with health care, education funding, citizenship support and other services.

"I want to enroll in the Clinical Medical Assisting Program because I know I would have more opportunities to serve, to work and to develop my skills and talents," said Karina Servin, a clinical medical student in SLCC's School of Applied Technology. "I’m eager and ready to start the program. I will give my 200% effort to FUNDET and Juntos Podemos scholarship requirements, so that I can be proud of myself and an example to the Mexican population and those around me. I want to show others that even though things are difficult they are possible. I am grateful to FUNDET and Juntos Podemos for opening the doors to higher education and to a successful future."

"Juntos Podemos scholarship program provides opportunities for students like Karina to have a better change in life," said Hector Cando, SLCC academic advisor and FUNDET budget manager. "Ninety five percent of the FUNDET-sponsored students complete the program, become self-sufficient and contribute to the state’s economy. In summary, it is a very worthwhile scholarship program."