Monday, November 16, 2015

SLCC Employees Awarded Innovation Grants

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Employee Innovation of the Year Recipients!

Employee Innovation Grants provide opportunities for full-time employees to learn and develop new skills, with the goal of sharing their knowledge with colleagues and making innovative changes at Salt Lake Community College. Grants support meaningful and well-charted professional-development projects for which funding might not otherwise be available. Grants were awarded in amounts up to $1000. 

Taking Down Barriers to Continue/Enroll at SLCC
  • Rosie Summerhays, SAT
  • Brent Green, SAT
  • Debra Graham, eLearning
  • Diana Harvey, Student Enrollment Services
  • Holly Garcia, Student Life
  • Sharlie Barber, Family and Human Studies 

Gen Ed and Assessment: From My Work to Our Work
  • Melissa Schaefer, Anthropology

Supporting Undocumented Students
  • Shellie Jo Enscoe, Diversity and Multicultural Center
  • Richard Diaz, First Year Experience
  • Luz Gamarra , Academic Advising
  • Hector Cando, SAT Enrollment Services
  • Veronica Medina, SAT Enrollment Services
  • Desi Nielsen, Student Services South
  • Viviana Zumstein, Student Employment and Co-op
  • Kevin Miller, SAT Student Affairs
  • Elizete Bond, Academic Advising
  • Cynthia Bonsall, Academic Advising
  • Madeline Corona, Academic Advising
  • Abbey Mann, Registration
  • Patty Clifford, Financial Aid
  • Doctor Abio Ayeliya, Student Life and Leadership
  • Lakiesha Lanier, Testing Center
  • Rosio Suarez, Student Support Services
  • Cristi Millard, Financial Aid
  • Carlos Moreno Dominguez, SLCCSA President, Student Life and Leadership
  • Gillette Samms, Division of Aviation and Related Technology
  • Renato Olmedo-Gonzalez, Community Affairs Officer for the Mexican Consulate
  • Nancy Singer, Student Planning and Support
  • Kevin Rusch, Development Office
  • Leka Heimuli, Student Representative, Curriculum and Scheduling
  • Idolina Quijada, Student Services West Valley

Exercise is Medicine on Campus Collaboration
  • Nathan Thomas, Health & Lifetime Activities
  • Lorri Castro-Zenoni, Center for Health and Counseling
  • Mark Francom, and all the Nurse Practitioners, Center for Health and Counseling
  • Soni Adams, Health & Lifetime Activities

The Myth of Learning Styles
  • Allison Hewett, eLearning