Thursday, October 10, 2019

Free Computers for SLCC Students? Thanks, Cyprus Credit Union!

Cyprus Credit Union has committed to donating 60+ gently-used computers to SLCC students each year. The computers come complete with a monitor, computer, keyboard and mouse.

SLCC Students can download a free copy of Microsoft Office to use while they are current students and can access SLCC’s IT Support team whenever they encounter problems.

The application process is easy and can be found online here:

Students answer a few easy questions like:

·      Do you have a tablet, iPad, laptop or other computer at home?
·      What do you usually use to do your homework?
·      Do you have access to wifi or internet at home?
·      Will you be able to have wifi or internet for the computer we give you? (students who don’t have wifi are told about special wifi students deals and are also coached on ways to cope without it)

In just a few days, 90 students have already applied for a computer. SLCC received 9 computers so far, and students are thrilled.