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Meet Our Staff: Hilda M. Sandi

Hilda M. Sandi

Hilda M. Sandi.


Degrees earned and institutions:
I graduated from the American Business Academy as an executive bilingual secretary and hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Centro America in Costa Rica. I am also a SLCC President’s Leadership Institute alum and a certified event and meeting planner. I am currently pursuing a degree in exercise science.

Years at SLCC:

Current title:
Administrative Assistant for the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement

Previous titles at SLCC:
I also worked in Academic Advising and International Student Services. Prior to my position at SLCC, I served as an executive assistant for top-tier executives at Zions Bank Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America.

What is a typical day or week like for you?
My typical day starts with an organized to-do list the day before I leave the office. This allows me to control my own work and projects as I walk into the office the next morning. I usually meet with VP McFarlane to discuss priorities, upcoming projects, division budgets and her calendar. We are constantly communicating when things pop up.

A few other tasks I encounter are answering questions from other employees in the office, coordinate meetings with her direct reports, regularly asked to explain how something is done, where to find things, who to talk to and if my executive has any time available on her calendar. I also organize and support division and college-wide events as well as scheduling and taking meeting minutes for the Art and Tanner Forum on Social Ethics college-wide committee.

I consider having a positive attitude, patience, empathy, organizational and leadership abilities, great time management, flexibility, being able to multi-task, prioritize, work with low supervision, being a team player but also being able to be independent, and finally, being the right-hand person to the executive you support among the top skills an executive assistant must have.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
Since English is my second language, I find sometimes challenging communicating with others.

What rewards come with your job?
My rewards come when I know I have done my best to deliver what is expected of me. I love supporting college administrators, staff and especially SLCC’s hard-working students.

Hilda M. Sandi standing behind her desk.

Who or what inspires you at work or in life and why?
Costa Ricans embrace the “Pura Vida” mentality. Its English translation is “pure life” or “simple life," however, it’s more than just a phrase, it is a way of life. It is my way of life. I love to bring good energy to my workplace. I am always grateful for all the opportunities I have been given in Utah, and especially in this beautiful country, the United States of America.

Tell us something about yourself from outside of your SLCC life:
I am originally from San José, Costa Rica, and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, 28 years ago.

I have two adorable children, Jazmin and Jose Alejandro, their spouses Shawn and Britney and my incredible and loving grandchildren, Ezra and Leo.

Hobbies and interests:
Mountain biking and hiking the beautiful and magnificent Utah mountains is where you’ll find me off campus. International cooking and floral design are also part of my creative being.

On-campus involvement:
I am a member of the National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education, the American Society of Administrative Professionals, and the Employees of Color Coalition.

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