Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UEN Newsletter Feature: David Bate

This post is from the Utah Education Network Newsletter,  posted on April 23, 2013.

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UEN Professional Development Teacher Feature
David Bate: Providing Faculty Technology Tools

Since David Bate, a program manager responsible for staff development at Salt Lake Community College’s Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC) and Center for Innovation, found out about UEN classes and workshops he has actively recruited his faculty to participate in technology workshops. The response has been overwhelming and Dave only sees the relationship strengthening in the future.

Dave has been working with the SLCC faculty in a variety of ways to enhance their teaching and improve their techniques.  They’ve done literature circles, discussion groups, seminars, and more.  Still, the technology integration is something that faculty has adopted widely and they are appreciative of learning these new skills.

The faculty loves learning about technology.  They always rave about the UEN presentations when the sessions are over.  Instructors recognize the value in bringing new ideas and using a variety of technology tools as part of their courses.

One of the technologies that SLCC faculty is widely adopting is the use of iPads with their students.  UEN has come out to help instructors understand some tips and tricks of using the devices, but the emphasis has been integrating the tool as part of effective instruction.

We’ve had multiple requests from different departments for iPad instruction.  Economics, Health Sciences, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Accounting have all received training from UEN on using iPads as part of regular instruction.  One of the best tools they’ve learned is Educreations – a tool that helps faculty create video tutorials for their students.

In addition to his role as a staff developer, Dave is also an adjunct instructor at SLCC – teaching a study skills course.  He enjoys integrating technology into his course and loves the positive reaction from his students.  He also feels that teaching with technology helps him understand the issues that other faculty face when using different tools.

I have used several different tools to engage my students in the course materials.   We used video from TED, had class discussions using Today’s Meet, and I’ve used Socrative as an assessment tool.  It’s great to implement tools the students like.  In addition, I try to use different technology to set the example for the rest of the faculty.

What have been some of the benefits you’ve witnessed as faculty has adopted new technology into the courses?

Technology use has helped with classroom engagement.  Students are willing to learn more of the course content when they are using tools they are comfortable with.  Using a variety of technologies in class helps make students successful.  For the faculty using technology helps provide them with the confidence they need to be successful.  The more they try integrating new tools the more comfortable they are.  It’s been great to watch the faculty feel more successful in their classrooms.

Contributed by Rob Bentley